July 4, 2011

Writer in the making

I need complete silence to write, but as soon as I start my laptop, I have someone wanting to type out her essays and stories. And today I introduce you to my 10 month-old daughter writing her first book - Ten ways of being a perfect Crybaby.

"Where was I?"

"Oh Yeah, I remember now"
"Give me some milk, mommy"


  1. haha. reminded me of my bro.'s baby daughter who always disturbs him...

  2. haha!! My daughter does the same Ngawang.:))))))

  3. Same here ha ha ha, My angel taught me many shortcut key on keyboard, but I hate it when she clicks on standby key in the middle of my work. Looks like it's raining everywhere, enjoy the fatherhood. I am loving it!

  4. This is incredibly so so cute Ngawang!! Happy for u, enjoy your fatherhood :)


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